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The Interfaith Community of Long Island

Rev. Kessler is the Spiritual Advisor for our interfaith community.  She began working with The Interfaith Community of Long Island more than 10 years ago.  She is an ordained Interfaith Minister, licensed in the state of New York and a 1998 graduate of the New Seminary, which was the first seminary to ordain interfaith ministers.  She embraces a broad picture of compassion, understanding, love and respect for each individual regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Prior to becoming an interfaith minister, she was a licensed Substance Abuse Counselor employed by the psychology department of Coney Island Hospital, Brooklyn, NY serving a diverse population.  She also worked at Kennedy Airport with airport personnel from many different cultures and countries. She is affiliated with several alumni organizations.  Her ministry is her passion.  She believes God spoke to people at different times in history in the language that they could understand and that God's message was the same to everyone.  There is one God and we are all God's children regardless of the way we each connect with God.  Rev. Kessler co-officiates interfaith weddings with her husband, Rabbi Stuart A. Paris.  

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