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Imam in Residence, MRMO

Imam Khalid S. Lateef holds three degrees: Associate in Science, Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Education. He retired in June 2008 with Permanent Certification as a New York State School Administrator.


He was the Founder and Imam of the American Muslim Mission Center of Wyandanch, New York, which has been re-named as Siraatal Mustaqeem Islamic Center. Also, he served as the Imam (Muslim Chaplain) for the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office; he served in these positions for 14 years. However, he has learned to appreciate insights about life from various sacred scriptures and wise men and women from around the world. 


In 2009, he authored the book “To Be Human; Life Changing Insights from Around the World.” The book shares some insightful quotes he has discovered throughout his lifetime of reading and research. 


In 2014: President Barack Obama invited him to the White House’s Annual Muslim Iftar Dinner. 


He is a father, grandfather and great grandfather.


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