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Muslim Reform Movement Organization

Dr. Abdulhameed teaches the Quran at the Muslim Reform Movement Organization in their weekly meetings.  He developed the reform method of teaching the Quran which makes its insights into living accessible to people from a large variety of backgrounds.  His method of teaching focuses on one aya at a time and replaces the sermon with an interactive discussion with the audience.  In the interactive method of learning each person expresses his or her views about insights in the aya being discussed.  An interaction between the different views occurs.  Everyone gains from the perspectives of others and our ability to live with wisdom increases.   Dr. Abdulhameed introduced reform in prayer by saying it in English, and by ending gender segregation.

Read his book The Quran and the Life of Excellence

Visit the book's Facebook page and see videos

See articles written for Newsday by Dr. Abdulhameed

Read his blog on the MRMO website


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