Our Campus faculty are featured in "All of Us", a film about inter-religious connections around the world!  The film will be part of the 2021 Brussels International Film Festival under the French title "Nous Tous"   

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Brookville Multifaith Campus was

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 Pride Flag installed 2020


Multifaith Thanksgiving Celebration, 2016 

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About Us:

Brookville Multifaith Campus invites you to discover a spiritual community made up of different religious groups.  Together we promote cross cultural understanding, peace building, and a strong commitment to service.  Each group maintains its own religious identity but fosters an open environment for learning, celebrating and honoring each distinct religion. 

Mission Statement:

To build a multifaith community of people from different faiths who connect to one another by embracing similarities while celebrating differences.

Vision Statement:  

Through learning opportunities, essential partnerships, and occasional shared worship experiences, our campus welcomes all who want to learn, question and grow, while making a positive and lasting impact in their community.